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Getting Creative: Can We Detect HPV In Sanitary Pads?

In the United States, among other countries, we have a growing public health dilemma. People are not showing up to their regular pap screenings. Because of this, an alarming 52% of cervical cancers are detected in advanced stages. Because early detection of cervical cancer cells via pap smear significantly decreases risk of fatality, detecting cervical […]

New Study Finds AHCC Supplementation Clears High-Risk HPV Infections

The incidence of HPV is rising rapidly, with an estimated 79 million Americans infected with the virus and nearly 80% of the population expected to have a strain of HPV in their lifetime. With over 100 strains identified in humans, about 15 of them are considered high risk and are associated with many cancers such […]

Tips for Safer Sex with HPV

HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections, affecting 80% of sexually active women. In fact, most sexually active men and women will contract some strain of HPV at some point in their lives. Unlike many STI’s, HPV does not have a known cure. Because of this, the typical advice around sexual abstinence […]

How Managing Blood Sugar Can Help You Heal HPV

Did you know that nearly 80% of non-diabetics have glucose spikes everyday, without even knowing it. Many of us go about our daily lives dealing with digestive complaints, mood swings, PMS, insomnia, accelerated aging, infertility, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, cravings  and increased susceptibility to infections – without asking why.  Glucose spikes can actually be the […]

HPV: 5 Things Every Woman Should Know

An HPV diagnosis can leave one feeling vulnerable, scared, overwhelmed and even ashamed. So when you take to google to find stories of others dealing with HPV, it can be disappointing to realize that there are not many resources associated with empowering, educating and empathizing with others going through a similar experience.  At Papillex, our […]

Proven Ways to Strengthen your Immune System this Summer

There are nearly 150 types of HPV, and thankfully, 90% of cases tend to resolve within a few years of infection. This is because the immune system does an impeccable job of clearing the virus. For others, the virus can lay dormant, not having any major implications on your health. However, some cases of HPV […]

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