Support Your Immune System*
Powerful Antioxidants
Reduce Stress*
Replenish Essential Nutrients*
Support Your Immune System*
High in Antioxidants*
Reduce Everyday Stress*
Replenish Essential Nutrients*
Target Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)​*
Support Your Immune System*
Reduce Stress*
Replenish Essential Nutrients*


Simplix® : Your Ultimate Defense

In a world where some over-the-counter product face scrutiny for their effectiveness, Simplix® stands as a beacon of science-backed immune support. Recent findings have underscored the inefficacy of some conventional solutions, leading us to embrace nature's wisdom to support our immune response.*
Simplix® is a revolutionary formulation crafted over a decade, representing the pinnacle of nutraceutical innovation. Developed based on the most robust research available, Simplix® is designed to support the immune system, offering a formidable shield against the challenges of our times.
Embrace the power of Simplix® and experience a healthy, more protected you.
What sets Simplix® apart lies within the synergy of our two natural biomes – Land & Sea.
In perfect harmony, these biomes house extraordinary immune-boosting agents known as sulfated polysaccharides. These unique compounds, found in edible mushrooms and wild seaweed, form the foundation of Simplix® , making it a formula unlike any other.

Contains 60 Capsules per bottle.

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It amazes me how well this product works. When I feel the tingling sensation of an outbreak start, I take 3 capsules twice daily until it's gone. For prevention, I take 2 a day with my multi. Not only has Simplix prevented outbreaks that were previously inevitable from coming on, but it also has had a marked effect on my overall immune system. For the past decade, I could reliable count on getting 3 outbreaks a year, each lasting 2-3 weeks. In this past year since taking Simplix, I have had only 1 outbreak, and it was gone in a week. This product has changed my life.


My experience with Simplix has been nothing but great! As someone who gets cold sores often due to change of season, out in the sun too long or due to stress I was willing to try anything new! :) over the counter topicals don't typically work for me and my cold sores are bad and can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks before clearing up. In a one month period while taking Simplix, I have had 2 cold sores. The first one lasted less than a day with zero topical and the second one went away within 2 days. If you get cold sores on the regular I HIGHLY recommend this!

Brianna R.
, United States

Actually works!

A thoughtfully formulated supplement designed specifically to support the immune response*

Our Land + Sea Polysaccharides are part of a thoughtful formula where each ingredient contributes a specific action to create a comprehensive system of response*

A natural supplement designed to support the immune response

Our Land + Sea Polysaccharides are part of a thoughtful formula where each ingredient contributes a specific action. They work in synergy to create a comprehensive system to support the immune system*

Key Ingredients


Used in Western and Eastern traditions for centuries to support immune health.*


Known as licorice root, it has been shown to have properties that support the immune response and buffer the effects of everyday stress.*

Melissa officinalis

Known as lemonbalm, and reputed for its calming actions, research supports this herb’s ability to support immune function.*

Vitamin B12, C and Zinc

Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Zinc are well known for their ability to help optimize immune function.*


L-lysine is an amino acid that multiple research studies have shown can help the body respond to viruses.*

Shiitake Mushroom

The active polysaccharides in mushrooms have been shown to activate the immune system and keep cells healthy.*

Lentinula edodes mushrooms
Kelp & Seaweed

Seaweeds are a rich source of highly effective polysaccharides that are shown in scientific studies to boost immune system function.*

Laminaria japonica & Chondrus crispus seaweeds


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Nut Free


Filler Free

Pure Ingredients

Made in America in a cGMP lab with carefully sourced global ingredients

Meet or Exceed FDA and Health Canada safety standards

Each ingredient is carefully sourced for exceptional quality

Highly reputable cGMP certified suppliers and manufacturers

Rigorous testing to ensure quality and potency

Frequently Asked Questions

The active serving is 2 capsules two to three times per day.

For maintenance, we recommend 2 capsules once per day.

You can take Simplix® daily as a nutritional supplement.

Results are typically seen within the first few days of use.

Numerous studies have shown that the ingredients in Simplix® have excellent safety profiles and are generally well tolerated.

We always recommend speaking to your doctor before taking any new dietary supplements if you are on any medication.

Simplix® is recommended for individuals over the age of 18. We recommend that you consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to taking any new dietary supplement.

While we believe that Simplix® is not likely to interact with antiviral medications, we always recommend consulting with your doctor about taking Simplix® if you are on any medication.

We always recommend speaking to your doctor about taking Simplix® if you are on any medication. 

Yes, all of the ingredients have general beneficial effects on the immune system in response to infection.

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