AHCC® 60 capsule bottle
AHCC® 60 capsule bottle
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AHCC® 60 capsule bottle

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Are you ready to give your immune system the boost it deserves?

AHCC™ is the world’s most well researched Immune Boosting supplement, with over 30 Human Clinical trials showing effectiveness. Stay healthy and at your peak all year around. Respond naturally to colds, flus and viruses with AHCC™.

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Shiitake Mushrooms

AHCC® is a medicinal mushroom extract derived from the mycelia of the Lentinula edodes species, also known as shiitake mushroom.

AHCC® contains powerful immune-modulating properties, shown to stimulate the production of immune molecules that are vital for the immune system to respond to infections, colds and flus.

  • Clinically researched compounds: AHCC® is supported by over 30 clinical research studies with 20 human trails on the compound’s effectiveness and impeccable safety profile.
  • High-quality sourcing: AHCC® is a patented extract produced by Amino Up Chemical Co. LTD in Japan. Amino Up uses an extensive manufacturing process that involves cultivation, decomposition by enzymes, sterilization, concentration, and freeze-drying, ensuring the safety and efficacy of every batch.
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  • Use for: AHCC® is clinically researched for its immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties. Research has supported its use in improving immune response to viral infections like HPV and Colds and Flus, as well as promoting overall wellbeing.
  • Contents: 60 capsules per bottle. 500mg per capsule.
  • Formula: AHCC® – pure and simple.

For more information on AHCC® check out our What is AHCC® page. For your most frequently asked questions, head to our FAQ®

Ingredient quality is important to us, in fact, it’s paramount on our priority list. That’s why we’ve provided you with the certificate of analysis for our AHCC® so you can be as confident as we are in what you’re taking. 

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Health Canada Approved

NPN: 80084467

Testing Results for AHCC ® by Papillex™ 60 capsule bottle

Natural Product Number: 80084467

We at PapillexTM only work with ingredients that comply with the highest regulations. 

That’s why we’ve put our products through rigorous third-party testing to ensure that these standards are met. 

Microbial Testing

✓ Passed

Microbial Testing: Passed ✓

Heavy Metal Testing

✓ Passed

Heavy Metal Testing: Passed ✓

Physical Testing

✓ Passed

Physical Testing: Passed ✓

Ingredient Identification Testing

✓ Passed

Ingredient Identification Testing: Passed ✓

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