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What Is AHCC®?

What Is AHCC?

AHCC® is a nutritional supplement derived from mushroom extract that has been used in Eastern medicine for many centuries for its powerful immune boosting capabilities.

AHCC® uses extracts of the mycelium of shiitake mushrooms.

AHCC® has newly been shown to help manage HPV infections and associated complications. By both acting as an antiviral agent and by helping to strengthen your natural immunity, AHCC® by Papillex™ supports your body in creating an environment inhospitable to HPV.

Why watch and wait, when you can be proactive?

Groundbreaking AHCC® Study:

AHCC® has been known to be a remarkable extract and long been used by alternative medicine practitioners around the world. However, 2020 marked a new understanding of the relationship between AHCC® and HPV, in particular with the landmark study of Dr. Judith A. Smith.

Shiitake Mushrooms

AHCC® Background

AHCC® uses extracts of mushrooms from the Basidiomycete family, particularly the mycelium of Lentinula edodes, more commonly known as shiitake mushrooms. The glucans are the parts of these mushrooms that are responsible for its efficacy in boosting the immune system to fight viruses.1

1 Morales, Diego, et al. “Isolation and comparison of α-and β-D-glucans from shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) with different biological activities.” Carbohydrate polymers 229 (2020): 115521. Source

Landmark Study

Dr. Judith A. Smith, a highly regarded faculty member and professor at various academic institutions in the United States, has pioneered novel trials on AHCC® in clearing HPV. Preliminary analysis of her Phase II clinical trial involving 50 participants shows a 63.4% clearance rate of HPV infection after 6 months of supplementing with AHCC®.2

Her pilot studies proposed that AHCC® was able to ultimately increase interferon-γ, a major player in activating the immune system’s antiviral response.

This action contributes to the management of HPV symptoms.

2 Smith, Judith Ann, et al. “Phase II randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled evaluation of ahcc for the eradication of HPV infections in women with HPV positive pap smears.” Gynecologic Oncology 154 (2019): 39. Source

Effect On The Immune System

Research on AHCC® shows that it primarily works on improving the innate immune system, or the part of your immune system that you are born with. Studies show that it can actually increase the number of readily available players of your immune system: natural killer cells, dendritic cells, and cytokines.3

These are of utmost importance for the immune system to respond to infections and tumour growth.

3 Terakawa, Naoyoshi, et al. “Immunological effect of active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) in healthy volunteers: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.” Nutrition and cancer 60.5 (2008): 643-651. Source

Take Charge Of Your Health With AHCC®!

AHCC® by Papillex™ is a clinically researched, mushroom extract, designed to optimize your body’s ability to respond to HPV naturally.

By both acting as an anti-viral agent and by helping to strengthen your natural immunity, AHCC® by Papillex™ helps your body respond to HPV.

Why Take AHCC® and PapillexTM Together?

AHCC® and PapillexTM are natural partners, especially when it comes to responding to HPV. Find out why below!
Papillex Ingredients

PapillexTM contains nutrients and phytochemicals that have been shown in research to be deficient in those with persistent or recurrent HPV infections.

To optimize the body’s immune response to HPV, PapillexTM provides all of these commonly deficient nutrients in their most potent and bioavailable forms.

While maintaining adequate levels of these nutrients play an important role in managing HPV infections, additional support of AHCC® as a well-researched, powerful, immune boosting supplement can provide a synergistic effect in helping your body optimize its response to HPV.

AHCC Immune System

The dose at which AHCC® has been shown to be most effective is at 3 grams per day (3 x 500mg capsules taken twice daily).

Papillex™ contains many equally important nutrients and herbs that cannot be substituted.

Taking Papillex™ alongside AHCC® will elicit greater benefits than just taking AHCC® or Papillex™ alone.

Why Not Benefit From Both AHCC® and PapillexTM?

Papillex™ is a proactive method to respond to a positive Pap smear test. Why not optimize your immune system by adding AHCC® to the mix?

Respond to HPV with these two all-natural immune boosting products!

Buy together and receive a 5% discount on your purchase.

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