Our Why

It isn’t easy to talk to anyone about HPV, whether that person is your close friend, doctor or partner. Often, when we are alone, we turn to the Internet for help.

Material on the topic can be overwhelming and knowing where to start and what information to trust can be scary.

Papillex® offers you insight into a naturopathic approach to cervical wellness and an optimally functioning immune system.*

Our Origin Story

Papillex® was inspired in 2008 after the company’s founder, a leading Naturopathic Doctor, helped a close friend with cervical cell changes found on a Pap-smear. The abnormal cellular changes were responded to with an assortment of well-researched herbs and nutrients. In their optimal form and dosage, they were effective in supporting cervical health.*

This approach is about supporting immune system function. An optimally functioning immune system can help support the body’s response to HPV.*

Our Philosophy


Our formula is developed using the best available clinical research. Research findings on all of our ingredients have been published in peer-reviewed literature. You can view up-to-date research on each ingredient contained within Papillex® by visiting the page What Is Papillex®

High-Quality Materials

We use top-quality products, available locally and organic whenever possible. We always use the highest available dietary ingredients in all of our products . This means that each pill packs a powerful punch in helping your immune system function optimally.*

Education & Empowerment

Papillex® is more than just a nutraceutical product. We are a company dedicated to providing our customers with research updates, relevant articles, and tips for improving and maintaining a healthy immune system. We provide information on how to talk to your partners about HPV, what foods to eat, and more. We want to be your confident and reliable source of information.


Many medical doctors recommend their patients “watch and wait” to see the result of their repeat Pap smear test.

Why not be proactive? We believe in taking action to give your body a chance to restore balance.

The Papillex® Formulators

Dr Elizabeth Goldspink, ND

Founder & Owner
Papillex®, AHCC®by Papillex®, Simplix®

Dr Goldspink is a multi-dimensional Naturopathic Doctor using her expertise to create and consult on wellness products that have a ripple effect for the greater good. She is a trusted authority in Personalized Medicine and Peak Performance whose career has seen her successfully navigate all aspects of the fields of wellness ad medicine.  Whether through the lens of Consultant or Coach or Entrepreneur or Product Developer, Elizabeth brings world class diligence and impact.  Dr Goldspink is published in peer reviewed journals and is a regularly featured wellness expert on Cityline, a syndicated tv show that airs across Canada and parts of the USA. Visit drgoldspink.com 

Dr Jenny Henderson, ND

Chief Science Officer
Papillex®, AHCC®by Papillex®, Simplix®

Dr Henderson’s education and research skills are recruited to support the development of natural health and beauty products and tech start-ups. She has been practicing for nearly a decade in Ontario, Canada. There, she helps clients achieve their health goals in a multi-disciplinary clinic, enjoys being part of the wellness innovation and research community, and cares for her young family.  

The Portfolio


Papillex®, AHCC® by Papillex®, and Simplix® were formulated by leading licensed Naturopathic Doctors whose aim was to create products that empower people in the pursuit of wellness. Their expertise allowed them to combine scientific research, evidence-based botanical approaches, and holistic philosophy into one-of-a-kind dietary supplements. 


Our uniquely formulated evidence-based supplement designed to help support your body’s response to HPV.*


Backed by over 30 clinical studies, AHCC® is a naturally derived supplement for bolstering the immune system.*


Formulated with Lysine, Lemon Balm and Red Marine Algae that have multiple research studies supporting their ability to help the body’s response to infections.*


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