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Mexican Scientist Cures HPV

“Mexican Scientist Cures HPV!” Fact or Fiction?

This headline has been quite popular in the media as of late. Scientific sources have been publishing information about this topic, as well as reputable, and not so reputable news outlets. Is it really true? Have scientists in Mexico really discovered the cure to a virus that is rapidly become the most common sexually transmitted infection […]

What Is The HPV Virus?

What Is Human Papillomavirus?

Are you worried about HPV? Are you unclear as to what exactly HPV is? We at Papillex understand your concerns. HPV can be scary! That’s why in this article we have covered all you need to know about HPV so you can understand the facts and feel empowered toward your health. What Is HPV? The […]

Photodynamic Therapy for HPV

Photodynamic Therapy for HPV: What Is It and Does It Work?

Photodynamic therapy is a treatment typically used in the treatment of acne, warts, and a range of cancers, including mouth (oral), head and neck, lung, and skin cancer, and has been for a number of years now. However, PDT is now being considered a novel approach to eradicating the human papillomavirus. This follows a study […]

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