New Study Finds AHCC Supplementation Clears High-Risk HPV Infections

New Study Finds AHCC Supplementation Clears High-Risk HPV Infections

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The incidence of HPV is rising rapidly, with an estimated 79 million Americans infected with the virus and nearly 80% of the population expected to have a strain of HPV in their lifetime. With over 100 strains identified in humans, about 15 of them are considered high risk and are associated with many cancers such as cervical, oropharyngeal and anal. While vaccination has been successful in preventing many cases of HPV, it is not an effective treatment for those who already have the infection. 

What we currently know is that having high risk HPV alone is just one factor that puts us at risk for the development of cancer. It is important to emphasize that HPV is just one contributing factor, as the risk of cancer development occurs in combination with other factors such as smoking, stress, immune dysfunction and inadequate nutrition. 

Because of the lack of available treatment options for HPV, our approach at Papillex is to provide research-backed products to help with symptom-management and immune health, while providing you with the latest research on dietary and lifestyle medicine to help you feel your best while managing HPV. 

With new research emerging, we are excited to announce a brand new study on the use of AHCC in the clearance of HPV. AHCC is one of the most thoroughly researched nutraceuticals for immune health, and has been widely used by traditional health practitioners for centuries in the clearance of many viral infections like the common cold, flu’s and even HPV. Before we discuss the results of the study, here’s a quick background about AHCC. 

What is AHCC

AHCC® stands for active hexose correlated compound, a nutritional supplement derived from the medicinal mushroom, shiitake. After being used for many years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical practices in countries like Japan, AHCC® is recently being adopted globally for its immune-modulating activities. Several clinical research studies have found the compound to be effective as both a therapeutic and preventative immune support.

How Does AHCC Clear HPV?

In a brand new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, of women over the age of 30 with persistent high-risk HPV who took AHCC once daily for 6 months (followed by 6 months of placebo) found that nearly 64% of women in the study were HPV negative after just 6 months of treatment, whereas in the placebo group, only about 10% were HPV negative after 12 months.

This groundbreaking study concludes that AHCC is an effective way to support the immune system for the clearance of high-risk HPV infections and was extremely well-tolerated with no significant side-effects reported. 

It is believed that AHCC helps to suppress cytokine IFN-beta to less than 20pg/ml which results in the clearance of HPV in patients. 

20 Human Clinical Trials. Proven Science

AHCC Dosage for HPV 

The dose in the study was 3g daily, while other studies have found benefits for cancer patients at 3-6g daily. 

Two clinical trials have shown that even just 1g of AHCC is effective, but that 3g was slightly more affectatious in clearing HPV as well as providing adequate immune support. 

At papillex, our AHCC comes in 500mg capsules and should be taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating, which will help increase the absorption of the compound into the bloodstream. 

What if I already take Papillex? 

You can add AHCC to your Papillex routine. While Papillex is a wonderful way to correct nutritional deficiencies associated with HPV, AHCC is a powerful immune-modulating compound that provides additional support in helping to clear viral infections. 

Is AHCC right for you? 

Despite the incredible safety profile for AHCC, we are unique individuals. We always recommend chatting with your health provider before starting a supplement routine. Naturopathic doctors and functional medicine practitioners are more thoroughly trained in the use of nutritional and herbal medicine and may be able to better answer your questions about supplementation. 

20 Human Clinical Trials. Proven Science


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