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Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract and Cervical Cancer/Warts

The Greatness of Green Tea

Green Tea Extract is just one of the many great ingredients in Papillex™.

Green Tea, or known by its latin name Camellia sinensis, is high in these things called polyphenols, which include catechins, anthocyanins, and phenolic acids, all very beneficial to human health.

Green tea also has an excellent safety profile in moderate doses, and is associated with many health benefits ranging from heart health to anti-cancer properties

Why is this relevant for HPV?

These polyphenols in green tea are specifically beneficial in boosting your immune system and preventing cancer in people with HPV. The strongest players in green tea are Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and polyphenol E. It can be used as a dietary supplement by drinking green tea or consuming green tea extract supplements, or topically, on your skin for certain concerns.

Green Tea

Green Tea and Warts

In this topical situation, we’re talking about warts.

There are many green tea solutions to help get rid of those pesky warts. Internally, green tea extract as a supplement works better for those with HPV trying to reduce their cancer risk. Why?

To get enough of the green tea catechins to have an actual effect in prevention and healing, you need to drink a ridiculous amount of green tea every day, from the 20 to 30 cup-per-day range!

Luckily, there are many high-quality products, including Papillex, that can provide you with a therapeutic dose to help your body naturally rid of HPV.

Jasmine Green Tea

Does it actually work?

Recently, there have been many studies to show the different positive effects of green tea. Most of the studies are done in cells or animals, with a few human clinical trials that show the efficacy of green tea in human populations.

Topical Use

A study conducted in South Korea of 51 patients showed a reduction of 69% of cervical dysplasia lesions and HPV in patients who received green tea extracts, specifically polyphenol E and EGCG as either a topical ointment or capsule. This is compared to a 10% improvement in the group with no green tea treatment.

Topical Green Tea Cream

A study in the British Journal of Dermatology used an ointment containing green tea catechins. This study showed the high level of effectiveness and combined with a great safety profile of green tea extracts as topical treatments for external and perianal genital warts caused by HPV.

Cell Studies

There is so much evidence in support of green tea extracts as a potential protective agent against cancer and cancer-related processes from both in lab studies and animal studies.

One review found that EGCG and polyphenol E specifically stopped the spread of HPV-related cancer cells by stopping the cell growth. EGCG was actually found to be better at stopping these cells in their track.

Key Components of Green Tea

Green tea has been shown to influence a variety of mechanisms which are favorable towards preventing and treating HPV related lesions.

Green tea’s healing ability comes from the plants catechins, as we mentioned before, most specifically polyphenol E and epigallocatechin gallate as we see in these few studies.

Natural Green Tea

Are there products available?

With this in mind, the FDA approved a topical cream comprised of catechins from the leaves of green tea to treat genital warts caused by HPV strains 6 and 11.

The efficacy and safety of this topical green tea extract was confirmed by one of the few clinical trials available, including 397 adults with HPV genital warts. People who applied the treatment 3 times a day had complete clearance of warts in 16 weeks.

Another group of researchers looked at both green tea ointment and capsules in treating women with HPV-related cervical dysplasia. A group of 51 women with cervical lesions were divided into 4 groups and with a control group as well, not receiving any treatment. There was a 69% positive response rate in the group of women treated with green tea extract compared to a 10% response in the untreated placebo group!

All of this promising research shows that green tea extract can serve as a worthwhile natural therapy for men and women with HPV associated cervical lesions (CIN) or genital warts.

How Papillex Can Help

Papillex contains a high-quality extract from green tea containing EGCG in combination with a number of ingredients that work together to boost the immune system to respond to HPV naturally.  Be proactive!


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