Evidence-Based Support for Optimal Immunity*

What Is Papillex® ?

Papillex® is an evidence-based supplement designed to support your immune system.* Folate, EGCG, Zinc Sulfate and metabolites found in broccoli sprout such as I3C and DIM have human data to support the body’s response to HPV.* Papillex® replaces key nutrients that have been found to be missing and low in people with reduced immunity. With Papillex® you can optimize your immune system and cervical health naturally and proactively.*

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Papillex® has helped thousands of people

"I have used Papillex in my clinic for a decade with great results. I appreciate being able to get all of the evidence-based ingredients that clients need in a single product. Prior to Papillex I would have to give them 10 different products at a high cost. People save time and money when taking this product and that makes compliance easier."
Dr. Connors

Exceptional Quality


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Nut Free


Filler Free

Pure Ingredients

Made in America in a cGMP lab with carefully sourced global ingredients

Meet or Exceed FDA and Health Canada safety standards

Each ingredient carefully sourced for exceptional quality

Highly reputable cGMP certified suppliers and manufacturers

Rigorous testing to ensure quality and potency

Some People Watch & Wait.
Others Take Action.

The “watch and wait” period is a crucial time to improve cervical health outcomes. By taking proactive measures at this stage, you can encourage cervical cell integrity and support the body’s immune system response.*

More people are seeking innovative ways to support their body’s response to HPV.*  Our philosophy is, why “watch and wait” when you can be proactive?



Our uniquely formulated evidence-based supplement features nutrients and ingredients designed to support your immune system and cervical health. Folate, EGCG, Zinc Sulfate and metabolites found in broccoli sprout such as I3C and DIM have human data to support the body’s response to HPV.* 


AHCC® is an extensively studied, highly efficacious, naturally derived supplement for bolstering the human immune system.* Supported by over 30 clinical studies, it is a simple way to support your immune system every day. AHCC® is Japan’s top-selling immune-supporting supplement.*


The first nutraceutical of its kind, thoughtfully designed based on the best available clinical research for supporting the immune system. Human data shows that Lysine and other key nutrients help support the body’s response to HSV.*

Praise for Papillex®

Clarissa B.
Verified Buyer
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I have been taking both Papillex and AHCC off and on back in December of 2021 and I feel a difference in my vaginal health. I got a call from women's health that I'm long overdue for a gyno exam which I've been neglecting so I quickly ordered the bottle and now every morning breakfast time I take 2 supplements a day. Once the bottle is done, then I will call to make an appointment for a pap smear exam. Will keep you posted.
Verified Buyer
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I was worried sick and frustrated that time was not fixing the issue and that I would just be forced to have routine a colposcopy every year. After two years of abnormal paps and colposcopies I am finally in the clear! I am so thankful for this product and the peace of mind it has given me. I started taking this product last year regularly and it has literally changed my life. Thank you.
Tyler J.
Verified Buyer
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This supplement is working very well.

AHCC® 60 capsule bottle


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