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As we’ve increased our understanding of the health benefits of mushrooms, the market for mushroom supplement products has increased as well.

One potent mushroom called AHCC, found to be effective in supporting HPV eradication, has seen a boom in interest and availability. Several retailers are now selling AHCC covering a wide range of quality and price points.

As a consumer, we understand it can be confusing to know what AHCC you should buy. How do you know which AHCC is best and what is the difference between the products?

Here is a simple guide to purchasing AHCC.

What is AHCC?

AHCC stands for Active Hexose Correlated Compound, a highly-researched mushroom extract derived from the shiitake mushroom species.

Over 30 clinical research studies have supported the use, effectiveness, and safety profile of AHCC®. The medicinal mushroom extract has been found to have powerful anti-viral activity against HPV as well as other viruses like influenza. It has been researched as an adjunct in cancer treatment.

The compound works by stimulating the production of immune molecules that play a role in responding to infections and tumor growth. Studies show that it can increase the number of readily available natural killer cells, dendritic cells, and cytokines. The gentle and modulating action of mushrooms also makes them general immune supports to promote overall wellbeing.

20 Human Clinical Trials. Proven Science

Where does AHCC come from?

The compound was created by a Japanese company called Amino Up Chemical Co. Amino Up was founded in the 1970’s, they have since been manufacturing innovative nutritional compounds. In 1989 the company debuted the Lentinula Edodes Extract, also called AHCC.

The magic in these mushrooms comes down to their unique manufacturing process. No other mushroom extract is processed in the same way as Amino Up.

The company uses an extensive screening process to extract the special strain of mycelia used in AHCC. Mycelia are the part of the mushroom that grows below ground. They look like root-like hairs that grow on wood or soil. Once harvested, the roots are taken to the manufacturing plant to be broken down into tiny molecules. Through cultivation, sterilization, and decomposition, the compound is concentrated and freeze-dried. The final extract is made into a powder or capsule form. Throughout the process, the company ensures the safety and efficacy of every batch.

Make sure it is the real thing

Look out, some retailers are not selling the real AHCC.

Instead of selling the proprietary extract from Amino Up, some retailers have packaged mushroom blends or other forms of shiitake mushroom. You will know the difference if the product is labeled Active Hexose Correlated Compound or AHCC with a registered ® or ™ label. Only AHCC that has been extracted from the Japanese manufacturers can be labeled with the registered trademark.

The problem with using the non-AHCC products is that their therapeutic ingredients are not what have been included in the clinical research on AHCC. So, you may save money on a more affordable product, but it likely won’t have the intended impact.

How has Papillex made our product more affordable?

You might note that other suppliers are selling AHCC for a higher price. If the product contains pure AHCC® and has a trademark symbol, it has come from the same manufacturer and is the same therapeutic product. The difference is only the branding and potentially some added ingredients. Check your labels and look for AHCC® proprietary blend, the dosage, and if they have added other ingredients or fillers.  

At Papillex, our goal has always been impact over profit. We wanted to make AHCC as accessible as possible, which is why we lowered our profit margins. We decided to sell AHCC® for $53, instead of over $100.

AHCC® by Papillex

Our AHCC product contains 60 capsules of 500 mg of pure AHCC per capsule. We add nothing else, no fillers, additives, or preservatives. Ingredient quality is top on our priority list and our products are verified with a certificate of analysis, including microbial testing, heavy metal testing, physical testing, and ingredient identification testing. So, you can be confident in what you’re taking.

We added AHCC to our HPV toolbox to optimize your body’s ability to respond to HPV naturally. Our Papillex™ product aims to optimize nutrient levels found to be low in individuals with HPV infections. It also supplies immune-boosting ingredients to support the immune system. Taking AHCC® alongside Papillex™ creates a synergistic effect. Taking the two together offers more support than either of them taken alone.

How to Dose

AHCC®: The clinically researched dosage of AHCC for HPV is 1-3grams per day. (3 x 500 mg capsules taken twice daily) for 6 months.

Papillex™: For acute infections, we recommend 2 capsules twice daily. For maintenance reduce dosage to 2 capsules daily.


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