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Staying Positive While HPV Positive

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I’m HPV positive…what do I do now?

This is a thought on the mind of many people who get diagnosed with HPV.

With the risks for cervical cancer and other complications, the future may seem grey.

Most people feel a fear of judgment from anyone who may find out, causing them to keep their diagnosis hidden. This can create a cascade of events surrounding a negative outlook.

What you may not know is that HPV is more common than you think, and technology has come a long way to bring a bright future.

Is HPV as Scary as It Seems?

Reading material on the topic of HPV can be overwhelming, intimidating, and scary, especially with all the misinformation and stigma out there.

The truth is, most sexually active people are likely to have been exposed to HPV at some point in their lives. It can occur through any sexual contact: skin to skin contact, oral sex, anal sex included.

What about my cancer risk?

Not all HPV infections will cause cancer.

In fact, only a few out of the 100+ strains of HPV known cause cancer. Most of the time with a robust immune system, your body is able to clear these infections without any symptoms!

With routine screening, your doctor has caught your HPV progression and will take measures to prevent cancer from occurring.

Positively Affecting Your Immune System

Your immune system is key when fighting HPV. One aspect that can truly impact your outcome, is your mindset.

Happiness and positivity has been shown to reduce stress and promote healthier lifestyle habits, all of which will help boost your immune system. Did you know that positive individuals were shown to be more likely to consume fruits and vegetables?

This is all connected by your HPA axis that regulates your happy hormones and your immune system, among other bodily functions. Positive people sleep better, get sick less, exercise more, stress less, eat better…and much more!

Where Do I Begin?

Sharing your experience with those close to you may help build your support team to help you stay positive.

Disclosing your HPV status to your sexual partner, family, or friends can be a supportive and affirmative experience. There are also support groups available where you can share your experiences and others may understand on a deeper level. 

Educating people is one way of actively breaking the stigma associated with sexually-transmitted infections, which is crucial to helping people establish safe sex practices, including those around oral sex. No matter what happens, take comfort in making brave, compassionate and honest choices.

If you plan on having that conversation with your partner, you don’t need to be scared. There is so much support available around this subject. Check out our blog on How to Talk to Your Partner about your HPV Status for some tips.

How else can you support your body naturally?

Most HPV infections are easily cleared by a strong, healthy immune system. Your immune system can be supported in a number of natural ways:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Drink green tea
  • Exercise to sweat

Papillex, is a clinically-researched, nutrient-rich supplement designed to increase your body’s ability to respond to HPV naturally.

By optimizing your natural immunity and replacing missing and low nutrients, Papillex™ helps you to create an environment inhospitable to HPV and its common symptoms, cervical dysplasia and genital warts.


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