Mixed Carotenoids Protect Against HPV

By Papillex January 27, 2015

Mixed carotenoids are a group of nutrients such as beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene that are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are potent anti-oxidants; which help to protect your cells from oxidative damage, and overtime may lead to potentially cancer-causing mutations.

A study of 235 women done in 2006, compared healthy women to those with cervical cancer. It was found that women with cervical cancer had much lower levels of carotenoids in their blood. Showing that low levels of carotenoids in the body can play a role in the development of cervical dysplasia and HPV. While, high levels of these nutrients are correlated with having a lower risk of HPV.

Making sure that you get an adequate amount of mixed carotenoids is very important to help regulate immune function, creating an optimal environment in your body for healing . It is also important to ensure that carotenoids are mixed, since taking a high dose of an individual carotene, especially beta carotene, may have negative effects (Cancer Prevention Study Group). This shows the importance of loading up on richly pigmented vegetables such as: peppers, tomatoes, carrots and kale. In addition, research suggests that additional support using clinically-researched nutrients can help support the body’s response to HPV. Consider supplementing with Papillex and other antiviral herbs that act to boost the immune system when fighting HPV.

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