Why Folic Acid for HPV?

By Papillex June 16, 2014

Even if you eat the healthiest diet, you may still have several nutritional deficiencies, which could have a negative impact on the health of your immune system. This is why in addition to a diet high in richly pigmented fruits and vegetables, it’s important to supplement your diet with clinically-supported nutritional supplements.

There are several key nutrients that have been studied in relation to HPV, and folic acid is one of them.

Here’s why folic acid is a key nutrient in support the immune system when fighting HPV:
  • A 2003 study by Hernandez et al. showed that women with the highest levels of blood folate levels from either food or supplements have lower incidences of cervical dysplasia from HPV.
  • A 2016 case control study by Zhao et al that included 271 controls and 214 women with both high and low grade HPV lesions, found that low blood folate levels in  the women was coupled with a higher risk of cervical cancer from HPV.
Scientific evidence shows that folic acid likely plays a protective role in HPV progression to cervical cancer. Good sources of folic acid in the diet include green leafy vegetables, nuts and beans. Folic acid is one of the many key protective nutrients in Papillex.
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