Protein: A New Year Weight Loss Formula

By Papillex January 1, 2012

Can Protein Be the Key to New Year Success?

It’s that time of year again: the time for New Years Resolutions! And as the countdown to midnight nears, one of the top new years resolutions is to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Eating more fruits and vegetables, doing more physical activity, cutting back on coffee, alcohol and sugar (after new years, of course) are all part of the plan.

Another top resolution for many people, is of course, weight loss. Reaching a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) if you are overweight has many great benefits and reduces your risk of developing a variety of diseases. It’s also a welcome side effect of adopting a healthier lifestyle, but always a challenging resolution.

Thankfully, new research has been taking the guesswork out of healthy weight loss. A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition tracked 3 groups of overweight and obese women who all exercised daily while consuming either a high, adequate or a low protein reduced calorie diet. The results revealed that the group of women who ate the most protein had the greatest fat loss and gained the most lean muscle!

So make increasing your daily intake of protein a part of your healthy lifestyle resolution. May the new year be a year filled with happiness and health!

Happy New Years from Papillex!

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