Boosting your immune system…your best defense against viruses.

By Papillex December 3, 2011

Viruses are everywhere and affect us in different ways, from the common cold, to herpes eruptions around your mouth, to even more and potentially devastating HPV-related genital warts and cervical dysplasia/cancer.

Frequent infections, such as colds, sinus infections, herpes eruptions, etc, are all signs that your immune system could use a little boost.

While there is no cure for certain viral infections such as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 or 2, you can do a few things to help boost your immune system to help your body fight these infections and to reduce symptoms (and stave off the common cold).

First and foremost, clean up your diet:

  1. Cut out “the whites” as much as possible, this includes sugar, white bread, white flour, white pasta, white rice, you name it. Opt for whole wheat versions instead.
  2. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. The ideal you should aim for is 8-10 servings a DAY. This may seem like a daunting task, but consider that ½ a cup of fruits or vegetables (fresh or frozen) = 1 serving. 4-5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day isn’t that bad, you can do it!
  3. There are also supplements on the market that help boost your immune system. A great product on the market called Papillex is one of them, and although this supplement is specially formulated for HPV infections, its immune boosting effects are wide spread.

Increase your daily amount of physical activity:

  1. Is the most exercise you get in a day the walk from your car to your office building? Most people, with their hectic schedules, neglect to fit exercise into their daily life. This is a mistake, as mild to moderate daily exercise boosts immune function.
  2. Take little steps that will have a great impact on your health, such as parking your car further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, and implementing a 20-30 minute walk around your neighborhood before or after dinner every day.

Get your whole family involved, and these small life changes will lead to very positive improvements. The above recommendations will help you strengthen your immune system, and may even have the added side effect of shrinking your waist line.

Why watch and wait, when you can be proactive?

Papillex™ is a unique blend of ingredients that have powerful immune boosting properties, and have been shown to support natural relief of HPV.

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