Yes, there are herbal remedies for HPV and its symptoms

By Papillex August 26, 2010

Human papilloma virus is highly contagious and is responsible for warty growths in human beings. Some strains have also been linked to cancers of cervix and penis. Herbs can help to treat HPV. These herbs are not only effective against HPV but almost all types of viruses can benefit from herbal remedies. There are many antiviral herbal remedies for HPV. Some of these herbs include:

Essential Oils of thuja and tea tree: These oils are used for herbal remedies of HPV and are applied topically. These help in the elimination of the warts.

This herb has immune-enhancing properties. Goldenseal has antibacterial properties that help fight HPV internally. This can also be applied topically.


This herb appears to increase antibodies and interferon levels in the body. It enhances the immune-system activity by stimulating the activity of helper-T cells and is therefore helpful in treatment of immune-deficiency related problems. It’s available in the form of daily supplements for whole body benefits and can also be applied topically.

Reishi Mushroom Extract:
enhances the activity of T-helper cells or CD4 cells. It also stimulates the production of interferons, IL-1 and IL-2. This helps fight serious diseased conditions. It not only supports the immune system but also regulates it.

Green tea extract: This herb contains polyphenols, catechins and falvonoids. These are potent anti-cancer compounds. Results of a controlled study confirmed that a botanical supplement containing green tea extract is an effective and well tolerated treatment for external genital and anal warts (Obstetrics and Gynecology, June 2008).


Echinacea: It boosts the immune system and therefore, helps the body respond to HPV. It is available as supplements, tonics and can also be used for topical application.


Curcumin: It is a major constituent of Turmeric herb. It mainly affects the transcription of the high risk HPV 16 as well as other cellular transcription responses.

Garlic: Garlic has immune boosting and anti-viral properties. It can be applied topically to the warts.

It contains betulinic acid. It is applied topically for breaking down the hard coverings of the warts.

Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is a potent anti-oxidant.

Olive Leaf:
It is useful against many viral illnesses.


Bayberry, Horehound, Red clover, Fenugreek and Hawthorn can also be useful herbal remedies for HPV as these enhance the immune system’s response to viruses. These herbal remedies for HPV are available as supplements (to act internally), tonics, and can also be applied topically. Herbal remedies for HPV have little to no side effects.

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